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Nihil Young – To Tame God EP – Tulipa Recordings

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Nihil Young – To Tame God
also with Damarii Saunderson and 7th Star / Valentina Black

Nihil Young desires to Take A Trip To Tame God with a variation of proper Hypnotica / Electro / Techno. His strange mission is a design created by the entities that flicker on the wooded paths near the Tulipa gardens. Unable to balance power with procedure, these apparitions cling to the fading hope that somehow they will triumph over awakened forces through the implementation of oscillation and amplification. Damarii Saunderson and 7th Star facilitate the process and the end result demonstrates the ability of carefully-crafted, skill-oriented electronic music to unapologetically Slap Your Ego.

When you fall down a shaft and fail to see the bottom. Eating a symphony of sanguine treats. Wagon bruises forming dutifully. Uninspired spillage. Raking the edge of civilization. A famished doctor prayed for twelve. Wankster revolution. More than crass. She forgot to lock the sliding door and the shadows dripped in. Mobile vicissitude. A coat with perfect timing. Rambling on about stinging. A humble dunce crossed paths with herself. Campy reins for stately horses. A fried feline. Strange feelings on the lawn. The caged spearmint. Smells. A candle-jumping nymphomaniac. Unable to siphon the last chapter.

2015 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)


Dubfire – Thanks!

Paco Osuna – Will try thanks ;)

Slam – Will try these out, thanks.

Joseph Capriati – Downloaded.

Marc DePulse – Track 4 is the one for me! Great stuff!!!

Jimmy Van M – Electro is massive. Thx :)

Tom Pooks – All of the tracks are huge! Great release. Thx for the promo.

Lars Wickinger – “To Tame God” is really nice! Something dramatic perhaps, but thx! “Take A Trip” also has a nice “old school” vibe!

Sonic Future – Very sick EP. Loving all of the tracks!

Chris Fortier – Top shelf.

Anthony Pappa – l will support it.

Neil Quigley – Four good tracks; another solid release from Tulipa. “Take A Trip” will definitely get a few spins from me!

Astin – Nice one. Thanks for the music.

Fabrice Lig – “To Tame God” is really nice! Nice EP!

Werner Niedermeier – Will give “Slap Your Ego” a go!

Zoe Xenia – Nice work on “Slap Your Ego” and “Electro”!

Sasch BBC – Good tracks here! Thx.

Lonya – “Take A Trip” is my fav, thanks.

Timmo – Tulipa on fire as usual!!! Loving these from Nihil!

Audio Junkies – Cool EP, thnx.

Dave Nash – “Take A Trip” is nice!! Thanks.

Chicola – Great.

Scotty.A – Good stuff, cheers.

Vanilla Ace – Thanks.

Mikalogic – Downloading.

Dark Soul Project – Great tracks… club music. Really like it!

Marcelo Vasami – “Take A Trip” is my pick here. Thanks.

Sonic Union – Super slick EP!! All 4 cuts are great and got my head bumping heavily! Love it!

Rich Curtis – “Take a Trip” is grand.

Dale Middleton – “To Tame God” and also “Electro” are both cool. Will try them out!

Sami Wentz – Many thanks for the sounds ;)

Mirco Violi – Downloading.

Thilo Wacker – Cool!

Terry Grant – Love it, thanks!

Sammy W & Alex E – Thank you guys, nice tracks!!