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Nihil Young interviews Dave Wincent – Q&A / Frequenza Records

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(Nihil Young) I’ve always loved Dave Wincent’s style and productions, I would describe his style as a mind-blowing, trippy mixture of Techno and Minimal with a good dose of acid, beautifully crafted minimalistic grooves and enchanting dark soundscapes. And that’s what I’ve always been looking for ever since I got into electronic music. I’m happy to have signed and to be able to keep on signing great music from VERY talented – sometimes still “undiscovered” – artists like Dave.

His music has been played by literally anyone who needs to get the crowd “there”, and has got a lot of support from mr. Richie Hawtin himself.

Next big fatty tunes by Dave Wincent are going to be released right here on the 27th of October @

Let’s start this series of Frequenza Q&A’s i’ve been meaning to launch for a little while now. Enjoy!

Q1: So, what’s going on in your life right now :)

a1: First of all, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts. I spend a

lot of time in the studio nowadays as I have plenty of ideas for new tracks and remixes.

There’s always something to work on, so I consider myself very lucky.

Q2: What are we to expect from you in the near future?

a2: I’ll have releases with around 10 record labels in the next 6 months, one of which is

with Frequenza that I’m looking forward to very much.

Check out the latest Frequenza release from Dave Wincent

Q3: what happens when you sit in the studio, how does your flow work? Is there some
element you usually like to start with when producing?

a3: I usually start with the groove and then get to the tunes after, although this is

sometimes reversed. Every track has a different flow, which is one of the reasons I love

doing this.

Q4: What is your favourite piece of software?

a4: My favourites are Battery, Sylenth, Dune and Sensum.

Q5: And hardware?

a5: I enjoy working with my Moog Voyager Rack and Virus Ti Snow. I used to have

several synths but not any more except the ones that are really important to me and

therefore irreplaceable with softwares (such as my Voyagers).

Q6: Is there something in particular you can’t live without, “toy”wise?

a6: My entire studio :).

Q7: What is the one track you made that defines you the most?

a7: „Bending” for example.

Q8: Where do you come from? Why do you produce electronic music today?

a8: I’m from Hungary. Music has been the most important thing in my life since my

childhood, so this was an obvious choice for me.

Q9: What’s going on in the industry? How do you expect YOUR music to grow and evolve?

a9: I don’t have any specific expectations. I always try to send my tracks to the labels I

feel they suit the most.

Check out Monoxid EP by Dave, released on January 2014, and heavily supported by Richie Hawtin

Q10: Are you an analogue aficionado or a digital enthusiast?

a10: This is an interesting question. In my opinion, both approaches are needed and the

secret is to find the right balance.

Q11: What is your best show / travel experience so far?

a11: I’ve been lucky enough to put on several successful gigs in Hungary where I live as

well as in Malta where I spent a year earlier. I have some pretty awesome memories.

Q12: What is your WORST show / travel experience so far?

a12: I don’t remember the exact place, but once there was a power failure during a

show, so it was pretty hard to carry on with no music or lights… On another occasion,

the police decided to shut down the place so I’ve definitely had my share of unpleasant

experiences as well.

Q13: What is your favourite country / city to play in?

a13: Budapest, Miskolc (Hungary)

Q14: Do you have any memory of your first show ever?

a14: I was very young and I did a gig at school, although the music was very different to

what I play today. :)

Q15: Biggest show you played at in term of crowd?

a15: Several gigs in Miskolc and also at the Techno Festival in Budapest

Q16: Besides from your own genre, what is the music you love and listen to?

a16: I like listening to hip hop, jazz, blues and any music from U2, but I enjoy listening to

almost any genre, I’m open to everything.

Q17: What is your own genre’s all time favourite tune?

a17: It’s always the one I’m working on at the time

Q18: What is your all time favourite tune?

a18: This is a difficult question, but BamBam by Matador and Diablo by Oliver Huntemann and

Dubfire are two of my all-time favourites and of course The tunnel by Richie Hawtin.

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Stay tuned for the Next Q&A with mr. Patrick Kunkel!

Fading EP

Dantiez Saunderson, Ken Young – Fading EP – inc. Nihil Young Remixes

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Dantiez Saunderson, Ken Young – Fading EP – inc. Nihil Young Remixes – BUY ON BEATPORT

Listen on Soundcloud:

Positive Feedbacks / Support from:
Joseph Capriati, Switchbass, Da Lukas, Joe Mesmar, Richie Hawtin, TheNetworkRadio (Italy), Marco Carola, Steve Cole, Tomy DeClerque, Denzo, Nick Collings, Aldrin, Davide Piras,, Corey Biggs, BLN.FM, AltroVerson, Matt Handy, Luciano, Tesla, Anderson Noise, Bjëlo, Frisco, Mark Bisson, Sergio Matina, Alan Fraze, Daniel Mehes, Different Grooves and many others!

Valentina Black - TunnelFM

Valentina Black – Tunnel FM Special Guest Mix

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Listen / Download

Valentina Black – TunnelFM Special Guest Mix – 09-10-2014


1 – 7th Star (AKA Valentina Black & Less Hate) – Emperor’s Vision [Unreleased] 2 – Helms – Neverminds (Andreas Henneberg Remix)
3 – Valentina Black – I’m A Tree [Moveubabe Records] 4 – Valentina Black – U got ME [KMS Records, PROMO] 5 – Valentina Black – Blowup! (Nihil Young Remix) [Moveubabe Records] 6 – Valentina Black – No No No (Lutzenkirchen’s Darker Interpretation) [Moveubabe Records] 7 – Dantiez Saunderson, White Chocolate – Chicago Source [KMS Records] 8 – Agent Orange – NY Rap
9 – Antwon Faulkner – Get Up [KMS Records] 10 – Valentina Black – Can’t Compare [KMS Records, PROMO]

Valentina Black is an Italian electronic Music / Record Producer and Dj.
Originally a singer, songwriter, composer, hammond player, pianist and member of Valentina Black Trio.
Valentina Black’s musical roots are based on Funk, Disco, 80s, Jazz and Spiritual.

In 2008, she sang and played in a recording session (Freedom Jazz Dance) with the legendary Frank Zappa’s drummer Jimmy Carl Black.
Valentina Black and her band (known as Valentina Black Trio and Bruno Marini), signed a contract with Vibra Records and released her second album “Beat Generator”.
After a lot of experience with her band and playing around the world, Valentina Black was signed for the third album “’4U” (Maxy Sound).

The following years, she came to prominence with her fourth record single and first electronic release: her debut single on George Morel’s ”Groove On Records” (”I Will Be There”) along with ”Less hate” and their successful follow up on NYC’s legendary ”King Street Sounds” label (With You -Top 10 Nu Disco on

On january 2013 Valentina Black debuted with “I Found A Blue Heart” Ep
After the success of the vinyl (bestseller charts on ””), and the support from Dj like: Luciano, SIS, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola and many others, she released “Kali’s Birthday” (ByAwake label) and “Siamesi” Ep.

Her released single “Valentino” on Frequenza Limited, is climbing Beatport’s Nu Disco top 100, reaching the top 10.
On 23rd December 2013 Valentina debuted with her first electronics album, “I’m A Tree” LP (Moveubabe Records), supported by Ibiza Global Radio, Ministry of Sound, Hector Couto, Toni Rios, and many more…
“Valentina Black’s I’m A Tree serves as a powerful debut album on Moveubabe Records. Gathering fans of Deep House, Disco, Spiritual and organic sounds as well as real instruments, I’m A Tree presents a selection of 8 brand new original tunes and features a remix from Cocoon’s Patrick Kunkel and 212fahrenheit.
While the majority of the tracks are deeply house and disco rooted, like the unique and visionary album’s key song “I’m A Tree”, the disco hit tune “No No No”, the darker dancefloor-shifter “Waterfloor”, the peak-hour crowd pleaser “Blowup!”, the emotional song “Mama (U Know I Care)” and the infectious electronic trip “Green Pleasure”, “Motherless Child” pays homage to Spiritual music and shifts focus back towards Valentina’s roots as a pianist and live musician”.

Valentina is now working on several collaboration tunes with Less Hate as followups to their successful releases on King Street Sounds and Groove On, which will be released on late 2014.
New solo releases are also coming up on Moveubabe Records, Frequenza Limited, By Awake and King Street Sounds.

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Exclusive Mix

Nihil Young presents – ADE 2014 – Frequenza Sampler

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- – - – - – -
Nihil Young presents – ADE 2014 – Frequenza Sampler
- – - – - – -
Release: 10-10-2014 @
- – - – - – -
1 – 7TH STAR – Explorer (Original ‘Nebula Mix’)
2 – Joe Mesmar – In The Zone
3 – Nihil Young – King Of Rock ( Joe Blake Remix)
4 – Loui Fernandez – Samoa
5 – Daniel Mehes – STHLM
6 – Jamie Simpson – No More Stars
7 – Manel Diaz – Put Your Body Down
8 – Leeks, Soukervalii – GRNLR STRTCH
9 – Lutzenkirchen – Just Another Groove (John Lagora Remix)
10 – Alberto Tolo, Marco Dainese – Lower
11 – Dave Wincent – Anything Else
12 – CJ Hartmann, W. J. Schabrack – Boddinstrasse
13 – Taktfast – Roundkick (Taaaz Remix)
14 – Anthony Tomov, Angelo Raguso – Rebirth
15 – Dantiez Saunderson, Ken Young – Fading Out (Nihil Young’s Trippin’ Balls IN Space Mix)