FREQ165 7th Star - Explorer - inc. NoizyKnobs Remix [Frequenza]

PREVIEW – 7th Star – Explorer – inc. Noizyknobs Remix

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7th Star – Explorer – inc. Noizyknobs Remix
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VivaLaElectronica reviews Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

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Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes – Patrick Kunkel, John Lagora, Gunman Remixes
1 – Just Another Groove – John Lagora Remix
2 – Lovebeat – Patrick Kunkel Remix
3 – Just Another Groove – Gunman Remix

The Story so far – September 2009 Men of the moment and flavours of the month come and go, as the phrases suggest. It’s relatively easy to get a short-term buzz in dance music – but in these days of limitless downloads and increasing disposability, few hotshots have got it what it takes to go the distance. Lützenkirchen is one name that refuse to go away. Munich’s foremost electro-techno exponent has moved effortlessly between underground and overground success in recent years – scoring a German Top 10 chart hit with the huge 3 Tage Wach while putting out a prolific, consistent stream of cool and credible club tracks, all a decade after he first began producing. From his huge remixes for the likes of John Digweed and Coburn to his outstanding 2008 artist album Pandora Electronica, the power and quality of his productions rarely slip. Meanwhile his acclaimed live sets continue to grow in reputation, his charismatic stage presence bringing a breath of fresh air to the usual limp and lifeless laptop workout. Tobias Lützenkirchen’s roots in the music game go way back to 1992, when he first appeared on record as singer. After immersing himself in his love dance music by working as a promoter in Ibiza in 1995, he worked as a professional background vocalist and songwriter on some major projects from 1996 to 1999, before succumbing to the house and techno bug that had been slowly consuming him. Some 20+ aliases, artist names and collaborative groups later, Lützenkirchen was born in 2005 – the name with which he would finally become a global star. Blending infectious, jacking techno grooves with dirty electro sounds and dashes of house, his sounds is electronic as they come, but with a real sense of funk that makes his music accessible to a wide range of DJs, clubbers and part-time dance music enthusiasts. He doesn’t follow the musical crowd – but that’s not to say that he doesn’t know how to keep the music fresh. Continually striving to innovative and evolve his sound, you can always count on him to push things forward – rather than copying the latest hotshot or ripping off endless old records. He only began his DJ career in 2006, when the success of his productions began to bring booking requests from around the world, and by 2008 he had switched to performing pure live sets. But whether he’s playing to 300 people in a sweaty provincial German nightclub, or to 35,000 at a huge festival, his enthusiasm and passion are the same. The last two years have seen him play in every continent at least twice, with 8 tours of Brazil in the past 3 years alone. Despite this heavy travel schedule, he remains one of the most prolific producers around – with a level of quality that few can match.He’s not about hype, trends, fads or jumping on bandwagons – Lützenkirchen lets his music speak for itself. And 10 years on, it’s still telling quite a story…


Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat – Patrick Kunkel, John Lagora & Gunman Remixes

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DJs / Radioshows reactions:

steve lawler
Feedback Downloaded for Steve Lawler. T hanks :-) x
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

mladen tomic
Feedback nice, will try. thanks
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Feedback Lutzenkirchen – Just Another Groove – John Lagora Remix
2 – Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat – Patrick Kunkel Remix
no comments) very nice respect))
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Sean Random
Feedback john Lagora Remix is DOPE!!!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Corey Biggs
Feedback Just another groove – tasty
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Joseph Capriati
Feedback Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, feedback to follow, thanks.
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

alessandro cavaceppi
Feedback good
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Misk (AltroVerso)
Feedback playlist and support in altroverso radio
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Jan van Lier
Feedback Nice stuff!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Anderson Noise
Feedback thanks for the music
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Jason Glanville
Feedback John Lagora Remix tops the remixes for me.
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Tim T haler
Feedback downloading
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Riyaz Khan
Feedback like the rolling GUNMAN remix !
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Sebastian Xottelo
Feedback Nice ep! remixes from lagora and Gunman sounds
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Fer BR (Mindshake)
Feedback sick remix by john!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Dj Gary Cannavo
Feedback another banger!! Will support
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Daniel Mehes
Feedback John Lagora remix is really cool!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Alexander Filimonov KISS FM RU
Feedback T hansk, will support
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Agent!
Feedback patrick and gunman rock the show !
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: douglas fugazi
Feedback Super nice tracks!!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Manuel Palmitesta
Feedback Wow.I really love the Patrick Kunkel and Gunman
Remix.T hankS!!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Mark Bisson
Feedback A bit too Tech for my tastes.
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Aldrin
Feedback Diggin’ Patrick Kunkel Remix!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: richie hawtin
Feedback downloaded for r hawtin
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Matt Handy ( Hands On Records )
Feedback Another nice EP from Frequenza!! T hanks
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: EMIX
Feedback great professional work!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Steve Cole
Feedback great remix-package! like all the remixes, but gunman is my
favorite… will play it loud!!!
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Ben Hoo
Feedback Gunman Remix is wicked! :)
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: HighTower
Feedback like ever ;-) …. full support on, do the
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Press @ Phonetic
Feedback Really like Gunman remix of Just Another Groove
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Lutzenkirchen
Feedback T hanks guys for the great remixes!
Like all of ‘em, especially Patricks.
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Name: Javier Benitez
Feedback Lovebeat – Patrick Kunkel Remix is great – full support
Lutzenkirchen – Lovebeat Remixes

Steve Parry
Kukel for me

Stephan Grondin
full support

Chus & Ceballos
John Lagora Mix is HOT!

dave seaman
Thanks for these

Different Grooves (
downloading for , thanks for sending

marco carola
downloading for marco carola, thanks

Sinisa Tamamovic
John Lagora remix is one for me. Thanks.

Mental X
great Kunkel Remix. Support

Anthony Tomov
Very nice release, John Lagora remix is the most suitable with my taste. Thanks! :)

Gilbert Martini
Great Remixes, Kunkel again at his best! Amazing…

Peter /
John Lagora turns Just Another Groove into a thunping and pulsing groover – pure automatic smoothness. Patrick Kunkel explores the deep end with his rework of Lovebeat, making it both slightly acidic and melodic. Gunman brings in a little tribal/primal element to Just Another Groove.

Sasha Le Monnier
Lovebeat – Patrick Kunkel Remix
nice, thanks

mirko paoloni

stacey pullen
cool will try thanks

Rob Paine
Gunman Remix is nice and funky and dirty. Good vibes!

cool, thx!

Dominik Mai
Patrick Kunkel remix sounds cool!

great release, John lagora remix is amazing will try for sure ! thx

Cheets (Global Dance Session)
Some cool work

Aris Pandelis
Nice 3-Tracker, loving the Lagora Remix!
Thank you.

matt sassari
Thanks Nice pack !!!

Brothers In Progress
Nice Ep…Thx

Nick Collings
The Lovebeat remix is ace. Nice chord progression and slightly darker. Nice

Markus Wesen
love patrick’s rmx

Eric Stephens
will spin on my show, has my support

Kaiser Souzai
John Lagora & Gunman remixes rock !

Ingo Boss (Cocoon)
nice Remix from Patrick Kunkel

best regards *ingo boss* Cocoon

Dan McKie
Lagora mix for me.

Great Work!

Eddy Romero ( Expmental , Little Helpers , Lucidflow , Deeperfect )
John Lagora remix is Killer ! Thanks for the promo !